Tom Cobbenhagen

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Designing for a ritual


Designing for the Everyday (DCB130)


P. Lévy


S. Bassant, E. van Leemput, V. Vekemans

This course consisted of other deliverables, but contained a mini-project. The design above are the results of the mini project. Due to the fact that this project contributed to the competency development of ‘Creativity & Aesthetics’, I found it worthy to be mentioned in my portfolio.

The idea

The goal of the mini-project was to design something for a ritual. The group chose ‘watering delicate plants’ as a ritual that could be improved. Currently when watering plants, you have to use a large, lumpy watering can to water a small plant, whilst mistifiers are better for smaller, bonsai-like plants.

The design

The design is made to look delicate; it cannot be held firmly, but must be held as delicate as the plant it will be sprayed on. The outer body is made of varnished wood, to contain an even more fragile element inside; a tiny flask of water. To apply a hint of mist, the pipet must be squeezed, allowing precision and dosing of the application.