Tom Cobbenhagen

A business card and portfolio

The Future

The Future

After my Master’s degree in Industrial Design, I intend to follow it up with a Master’s degree in Innovation Management at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, as the study at this university opposed to the TU/e has a business background, rather than a technical one. Adding this study to my curriculum will allow me to reach my goal of becoming a multifaceted engineer and entrepreneur. by combining my knowledge of creative problem solving, user-centred design, technology entrepreneurship and leadership.

Concluding my education-career, I aspire a management/leadership function in a technological development firm. I see people such as David Kelley as a huge source of inspiration, looking at their contributions to the field and style of innovation development and management. By getting the industry’s knowledge in my bachelor’s degree and Industrial Design Leadership & Entrepeneurship as well as Innovation Management in my master’s degree, I would be well prepared to take on such a role.

Secondary to that, I still want to be able to have an impact. I want to stay involved in society and be able to contribute to the development of my surroundings. This does not necessarily have to be politics, but rather staying involved in things I feel passionate about and using my experience to help that development.