Tom Cobbenhagen

A business card and portfolio

The Present

The Present

Currently, I am halfway through my master’s degree of Industrial Design and in pursuit of an internship between February and July of 2021 in the field of strategic design development or service design.

Within my studies, I have taken upon myself a focus-track called “Design Leadership and Entrepreneurship”. Within this track, I intend to expose myself to different styles of leadership and their applications, as well as analysing entrepreneurship in large and medium scale companies. With that, I want to further develop my style of leadership and become a more multifaceted leader – being able to apply methods corresponding to the right situations. Furthermore, I want to enrich my knowledge about entrepreneurship, study cases, and get involved. Therefore, I am currently working within an interdisciplinary team tackling key mobility issues around the Eindhoven Airport at TU/e innovation Space. My ultimate goal with this track is to become a multifaceted entrepreneur and leader.

Next to that, I am still the President of the European Youth Parliament in The Netherlands where I mainly focus on easing the organisation and its activities through the pandemic, as well as forming a structurally sound 5 year strategy plan for the organisations growth and development. More about that can be find in this portfolio entry.